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Deep Learning: The next big thing in IoT

IoT is making everything smart and giving us power to control and monitor environment around us. We have large number of IoT product available for everything we wanted, like smart lock, smart watch, smart irrigation etc.

This sounds quite fascinating to have power of controlling and monitoring all environment around us with a fingertip. But still we have few things for which we do not wanted to get bothered to control or monitor.

Let us consider an example of smart door bell and smart lock. You are at home doing some very important pending work and your door bell rang. You pick out your phone, open smart doorbell app and see who is at the door. It was your friend. Next you will open the smart lock app and you will unlock the door. But this is not the best way to create value with IoT. Off course there can be some extra functionality we could provide to either smart doorbell or smart lock but this is still not enough. We need to think of this problem for wide range of applications like smart irrigation, smart industrial automation, smart vehicles, etc.

For IoT applications to become really smart things should be able to communicate with each other in such a way that they enrich the user experience. This is why big players like Amazon, Google and others are heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In above scenario more intelligence could be added by the smart doorbell camera recognizing the face of your friend and automatically opening the door. Sending you the message or notification about arrival of your friend.

Here is an simple explanation on what Deep Learning is,



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